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New approaches have been developed these last years to consider the environment during the design process. Indeed, the ecodesign approaches have evolved from the cradle to grave notion to the cradle to cradle notion. Closed loop Life cycles have now to be considered. That means we have to consider the product usage but also the way they will be manufactured recovered and treated in end of usage and the way they will be reintroduced in a new usage cycle (Recycling, Remanufacturing,Reuse).
schema presentation
But there is a gap today between the existing designers tools and their needs for environmental impacts evaluations of closed loop life cycle products.

CLOEE has been developed to fill this gap. This software propose a product model that allows to consider the recovery strategies for components taking into account several usage phases. It helps the designer to create different life scenarios for products under design and provide the comparisons between the environmental impacts for the different designed life cycles.

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